Herb Pharm Eleuthero 1oz (Discounted)

Product Description
Vendor: Herb Pharm

Adaptogenic support for everyday endurance.*

For the working world, parents, and athletes alike.*

Energizing nootropic herbal ally for daily focus and brain support.

Eleuthero root (Eleutherococcus senticosus)

Country of origin: China, Russia

Responsibly Wildcrafted

Extraction rate 875 mg herb per 0.7 ml.

Other Ingredients: certified organic vegetable glycerin & distilled water.

Herb Menstruum Ratio 1.25:1

NOTICE: This Item has an expiration date that is expired.  

Why the Discount?

The expiration date on these supplements marks their peak potency. While they remain safe to consume, we're offering them at a reduced price to encourage mindful consumption and support a healthier planet.

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