Anabolic Labs Aved-Multi (120) (Discounted)

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Brand: Anabolic Laboratories

Quantity per Container: 120 Tablets

Anabolic Labs Iron Free AVED-Multi is two-per-day vitamin-mineral formula that includes amino acid chelated minerals, premium nutrient forms and minimal excipients. It is disintegration tested for maximum bioavailability.

Potent easy-to-digest iron-free multi

Rich in vitamins A, C, and E, three important antioxidants

Provides liberal amounts of important B vitamins - key factors in nerve, cardiovascular and mental health.

Includes calcium and magnesium - these are well-known, essential macro-minerals.

Highly absorbable chromium to maintain proper blood levels of insulin and glucose

Highest grade starting materials are used and product is made under strict quality control regulations in our federally registered pharmaceutical manufacturing facility

NOTICE: This Item has an expiration date that is expired.  

Why the Discount?

The expiration date on these supplements marks their peak potency. While they remain safe to consume, we're offering them at a reduced price to encourage mindful consumption and support a healthier planet.

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