PlusCBD Oil™ , 15 MG, 60 softgels

Product Description
Vendor: PlusCBD Oil

PlusCBD Oil Extra Strength 15mg CBD 60 softgels

  • PlusCBD Oil CBD capsules are the most convenient and natural way you can supplement your health with the numerous benefits of the hemp plant.*
  • Anti-Inflammatory, Anti-Pain, and Anti-Anxiety*
  • High potency CBD-rich hemp oil*
  • All-natural and non-GMO, Vegan*
  • Convenient dietary supplement*
  • 25mg capsules: Take 1-2 capsules daily*
Plus CBD™ Capsules are not your average health food store hemp oil supplement! Plus CBD™ gives you CBD-rich hemp oil in easy-to-take vegan capsules. Our CBD-rich hemp oil comes from special hemp cultivars that are amazingly abundant sources of natural CBD, 25 mg per capsule.*
Great if you’re always on the go, these everyday CBD-rich hemp oil capsules travel with you and can be taken at any time, even on an empty stomach. People worldwide have been including hemp and hemp oil in their diets for thousands of years—Plus CBD™ just makes it easier to enjoy! That’s thanks not only to our unique high-CBD hemp cultivars, but also to the generational farmers who grow and harvest our amazing hemp.*
All Plus CBD™ products, including our capsules, are considered a whole food source of hemp-based CBD. Take Plus CBD™ with you on your next adventure, even if your next adventure is just getting through rush hour traffic*
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