Natural Ophthalmics Homeopathic Ortho-K Thick / Night Time Eye Drops, 15mL

Product Description




These drops contain powerful ingredients to stimulate tear film production, counteract irritation, halt allergies and reduce foreign body sensation.  Homeopathic Calendula is known to support corneal health and is indicated for corneal abrasions and erosions.  The “Thick” Drop reduces mechanical irritation.  The clarifying “Thin” Drop is preservative free and used as often as needed to alleviate dry, red, itchy, irritated eyes and is also OK with soft contacts.  Homeopathic drops are safe for children and nursing/pregnant women.

Adjunct therapies include Total Ocular Function Oral Absorption Spray.

Contraindications: None known. Drug interactions: None known. Adverse reactions: None known.

Directions: Instill one drop on the inside of the lens prior to insertion, and if desired, one drop on top of the lens after insertion.  Or follow your doctor’s recommendation.


  • Alumina HPUS 12X
  • Aresenicum album HPUS 8x
  • Apis HPUS 6x ; 12x
  • Euphrasia HPUS 6x
  • Calcarea phosphorica HPUS 12
  • Staphysagria HPUS 7x & 12x
  • Sulphur HPUS 8x
  • Calendula HPUS 7x


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