Hyland's Homeopathic Cell Salt # 9 Natrum Mur 6x, 1000 Tabs

Product Description

Proven by Hahnemann and re-examined by Scheussler, this salt is credited by its link to salt, sodium chloride, the drying nature of which is both helpful and harmful. Nat mur can help our bodies resolve diverse issues usually with a connection to dryness. Its colds and congestion symptoms may feel dry somewhere even with thickening, but clear, running mucus: sinus pressure, post nasal drip, hay fever, sore throats, cold symptoms. Its skin symptoms include: dryness, flaky skin, cracked lips, sore spots in the mouth after colds. Other physical symptoms may include: blinding headaches, lower backache, constipation. On the emotional plane, dryness becomes idiomatic with poorly circulated stress– suppressed grief, disappointments, haunting memories. Complaints improve with fresh air and deep breathing and worsen with consolation and hormonal changes.


NAT MUR acts with the body to redistribute water. Excessive moisture or dryness in any part of the body is a clear indication of a NAT MUR deficiency. Running watery colds with loss of smell or taste, painful nose and throat symptoms, hayfever, heartburn, headaches, low spirits, hangovers and constipation are all indications that may be relieved by NAT MUR. Symptoms are generally worse with noise, mental exertion and heat and better with open air and cool bathing.

NAT MUR is specifically useful for: Colds with symptoms of thin, watery runny nose. Sometimes the NAT MUR cold is accompanied by violent sneezing and weakness. Headaches- Although many different types of headaches are common, the symptoms of throbbing, blinding headaches that feel as if the little hammers are pounding on the head are often relieved by NAT MUR. Bed Wetting is a fairly common habit with some young children. It may be due to nervousness, indigestion, too much liquid before retiring or just a habit. Bed wetting that is accompanied by acid stomach symptoms may be relieved with NAT MUR.

Insights from the Experts: Deep grief and sorrow are hallmarks of the character of Nat mur.... The Nat mur personality is highly sensitive and refined. It is easy to see how such an individual could come to be wounded by life - whether by criticisms, insults, intentional rejections, or inevitable losses... These wounds are deeply felt and result in the patient placing a psychological wall around himself to avoid further pain. Thus the patient may appear closed or even hard. –Roger Morrison, MD, Desktop Guide.

#9 Natrum Mur 6x Cell Salt by Hyland's may provide relief for the symptoms of constipation, water retention, dry skin, dry chapped lips, cold sores, and lower back pain.

Ingredients: Natrum Muriaticum 6X HPUS in a base of Lactose N.F.

Suggested use: Adults and children ages 6 and up: Take 4 tablets, dissolved under the tongue, 3 times daily. Children ages 2 to 6: Take 2 tablets, dissolved under the tongue, 3 times daily.

Use more frequently (up to 8 doses) for acute or extreme conditions.

Warnings: If symptoms persist for more than seven days or worsen, contact a licensed health care provider.If you are pregnant or nursing, seek the advise of a licensed health care provider before using this product. Keep this and all medications out of the reach of children.

Serving size: 4 tablets

Effective in stimulating healing responses, Hyland’s Cell Salts relieve and support recovery of common problems such as colds, flu, earaches, and other ailments.

Cell Salts are most effective when taking frequently. Taking 8 drops of a Cell Salt two times a day is not nearly as effective as taking 4 drops four times a day. Another great way to take Cell Salts and remain hydrated throughout the day is to add a day's supply of Cell Salts to a water bottle. Sip continuously for high effectiveness and continual hydration.

*Hyland's Cell Salts are safe for children over two years old. 

All of Hyland’s Cell Salts are minerals combined within a matrix of lactose (Lactose N.F) or milk sugar. Lactose N.F does not contain any casein, whey, or other milk proteins. Many milk allergies/ sensitivities are due to the protein content, not the sugar portion. The lactose content is relatively small and for most with lactose intolerance, it would take ingesting 25-30 tablets at a time to cause a flare-up. Please check with your physician if you are specifically allergic or sensitive to pure lactose before using these products.

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