Biotics Research 10-Day BioDetox Kit (Whey Protein Concentrate)

Product Description

Each 10-Day BioDetox Kit (Whey) Contains:(2) NutriClear® (code #6400)(1) Whey Protein Concentrate (code #6423)(1) Bio-Detox Packs™ (code #6270)30 packets for a 10-day supply, each packet contains:

  • 2 tabs A.D.P.®– Anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-amoebic, used for gut cleaning.
  • 2 tabs Bromelain Plus CLA™– digests food reducing allergens, also used to digest eggs of parasites.
  • 1 tab Livotrit Plus®– eastern and western botanicals that are naturally high in plant based antioxidants, used to detoxify, protect and regenerate the liver.
  • 3 tabs Beta-TCP™– opens the biliary tree and allows toxins to exit the body via intestines.
  • 1 cap BioProtect™– full spectrum antioxidant that will regenerate the body’s natural antioxidants as well as provide antioxidants to protect the body as free radicals are released from fat storage.
  • 2 caps Optimal EFAs Caps™– balanced EFAs promote gut healing and systemic pain and inflammation reduction.
  • 1 cap MCS-2®– updated “Metabolic Clearing Support” to further liver detoxification and provides vitamins, minerals and botanicals necessary for advanced liver detoxification.


(1) Shaker cup

$ 263.60